Ceiling Mounted Cassette Mini Split HVAC Solutions


How Ceiling Cassettes are Used in Indoor Ceiling AC for Unique HVAC Solutions

We all like when heating and cooling systems are invisible. The Mini Split will come with the Mini Split Ceiling cassette style. Dedicated ductless cassettes can be mounted to the ceiling where mechanics hide. It can take up much more room than wall mounted mini split units and in certain cases, the airflow can even be controlled. Save more energy and humidity control with a ductless cassette mini split unit. Don’t give up comfort for style at the price point that makes customer happy with residential and commercial applications.

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Unique Ceiling Cassette HVAC Solutions for Any Unique Space

The ceiling cassettes mini Split system is a wonderful solution that suits every area of a house. This system has a much more convenient installation time and is quicker in a way than conventional Central Heating Systems and offers an extensive selection of indoor heating and air conditioning styles.

Sleek and contemporary ceiling mount options include EZ FIT® recessed ceiling tapes. CEILING-SUSPENDED INDOOR UNIT CP AEZ FIT® CEILING CASTLE. Slim body designs fit well in small ceiling cavity – hence the design EZFIT is often chosen for rooms to be remodeled or refurbished for new construction.

Mini Split Ceiling Cassette Installation

Ceiling cassette units are best installed inside a ceiling. The ventilation system consists of four vents directing air in four different directions. If you’re not capable of installing the unit at the center of the ceiling, block any vents directly to the walls. Ceiling cassettes are important for identifying the appropriate space. The dimensions start at 24 to 24 inches (as in ceiling tiles). Typically 16-inch rafter installation requires customization, that 3rdGen Heating and Cooling can help with.

The MLZ-KP EZ FIT® Ceiling Cassette is located between the ceiling beams and is clean. The slim body is adapted for low ceiling cavities which makes the EZ FIT a preferred choice for renovation and new construction projects. The adjustable ventilation level and auto-controlled control of the vanes personalize the room’s atmosphere.

Which is better fan coil or cassette?

The cassette units operate as the fan coil-splited units, the difference being cassettes mounted to the walls rather than ceilings. Its dual or 4-way air conditioning system distributes cool air throughout a room.

In addition a ceiling mounted mini split can also provide an ideal mini-spout configuration. This type temperature control system is a ceiling mounted unit and cannot be mounted to the wall or floor.

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