Large Spaces and Commercial Heat Pumps in Berkeley CA


Commercial Ductless Heat Pumps for Berkeley Business Owners

The heat pumps don’t only serve commercial uses. They are an energy efficient and economical alternative to conventional HVAC systems used mostly in commercial buildings in Berkeley CA. Increasing companies seeking to lower energy bills and reduce their carbon footprints also seek heat pumps that solve their heating and cooling problems. Our 3rdGen heating & cooling experts can discuss it with you to assess whether this could be a feasible alternative. Looking for commercial heat pump and cooling systems that meet your everyday HVAC needs.

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How A Geothermal Heat Pumps Work in Large Buildings in Berkeley CA

Commercial geothermal heat pumps are constructed on a simple system: the heat transfer between the places through refrigeration. A heat pump removes the heat from ground energy by heating the surface of buildings. The heating pump concentrates the low-level heat, raising the heating temperature before passing through a heat exchanger onto an energy distribution system. During the summer, the system reverses itself. A heat pump collects heat from buildings that are placed in their ground loops providing cooling.

Air-Source Heat Pumps in Commercial Buildings

Heat pumps using air sources are most common. Their popularity comes primarily because of their low cost and easy installation as they do not require a lot of equipment and consistent water and ground temperature. They get the warmth they need from external air and transport them inside. Air-source heat pump performance is however reduced by extremely low temperatures and requires additional heat for supplementing. With source heat pumps the energy efficiency increases while simultaneous heating for commercial heating and cooling systems.

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How Do Commercial Heat Pumps Work? Berkeley CA

The heating pump works like refrigerators in principle. The gas circulating between a looping pipe is condensed into vapor before expanding again. The heat is moved to the point where it is needed. The flow of liquids on loops is inversed according to how much heat or cooling is needed. Light commercial buildings have cooling operation or even water source heat pumps help with operating costs.

We’ll Help You Find the Energy Savings in Berkeley

Our experienced team can guide you through your energy purchases, energy sources storage, and advancements in building technologies and renewable energy. See Energy and Sustainable service offerings by 3rdGen Heating and Cooling services near me in Berkeley CA.

Building owners and developers face a complex real estate industry where sustainability is critical to a property’s value, operating costs and marketability. Sustainability Buildings meet the need to improve safety, convenience, comfort and safety while also minimizing waste and environmental effects.

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