Why Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pumps Work Better for Bay Area Homeowners


Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pumps Bay Area HVAC

Ductless Heat Pumps provide much better performance compared to conventional HVAC systems. If you plan on buying new or old HVAC systems you may consider upgrading to ducted heat pumps for greater efficiency, lower overall utility costs, and additional savings through a deductible or rebate. You can also heat your property using the sun a few hours a week. Founded by Mitsubishi Electric in 1980 the company is the leader in the heat pump business. Partnered with Mitsubishi Electric heat pump the best cooling systems for heating seasonal performance factor not to mention package air conditioners.

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Types of Heat Pumps for Bay Area Residential Heating/Cooling

The 2 main forms of heating pumping are the air pump and ground pump. Heat sources are the primary difference between an air pump and a ground pump. Heat pumps contain a heat exchange system and external piping system which collects heat from air outside to circulate inside. These types of heating pumps can use the same type of heat pump as a heat pump for hot water supply to homeowners. Ground-source heat pumps gather and transfer heat through buried loop pipes. These pumps are better adapted for larger properties in which piping is placed into earth.

Important Features of Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump in Bay Area

Mitsubishi Heating and cooling systems are an excellent heating and cooling system in today’s market. The company has the goal of providing high quality mini splits that are durable and last for the whole century. This is one of Mitsubishis most important functions in heat pumps.

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SEER Ratings and Cooling Performance SF Bay Area

When looking at heat pumps, SEER can evaluate coolant performance. A heat pump’s energy efficiency is compared with an air conditioning unit based on a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) based on energy efficiency. The higher the SEER the lower the power required for its operation. Mitsubishi’s heat pumps offer excellent cooling performance up to 33.11 SEER. Some heat pumps offer 13 or 31 SEER.

Mitsubishi’s Warranty Coverage in All SF Bay Area

The Mitsubishi electrical heat pumps purchased or installed by a licensed HVAC Contractor in the continental United States, Alaska and Hawaii will be covered under this manufacturer warranty. Every part comes with a 5-year warranty no matter if it’s registered. A compressor has ten years for indoor and outdoor units and air conditioning systems. Being the best cooling solutions for heating performance and variable refrigerant flow technology, peak efficiency for the entire house. Using refrigerant lines, the heating capacity for cold climates on a single outdoor unit.

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