Proper HVAC Maintenance Guide for Bay Area Homeowners


HVAC Maintenace Guide for Mini Splits/Heat Pumps in SF Bay Area

Air conditioning is a necessity here in the SF Bay Area, especially when summer dog days are in full swing. Regardless of the kind of Air Conditioning, you are using the most reliable maintenance methods that are necessary for its efficient operation. The 3rdGen heating and cooling staff is knowledgeable about air conditioners from every manufacturer and model. Often referred as ductless split systems, ductless or mini split systems, duct-less systems are also known. Like any air conditioning device, a mini split is extremely important to keep its function at its peak.

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What You Need to Know About Heat Pumps in SF Bay Area

Let’s examine the basics of heating. Heat pumps are highly efficient heating and cooling systems. It may seem odd, but unlike the name, it is possible to cool a house by heating the air and sending it outside as a coolant to your house. The real heroes of heat pumps are refrigerants, fluids that absorb heat and release it as it passes by lines set through the systems.

Do Mini Splits Need Annual Maintenance? Bay Area Homeowners Ask

Ductless mini splitting systems have many similarities and differences to ducted forced-air systems. Recommended HVAC maintenance annually varies. As with any other car or home appliance, a mini split appliance can offer the comfort you desire more easily and possibly for many years. This system requires attention both indoors and outdoors.

Benefits of Good Maintenance for Bay Area Homes

Mass Save estimates that a broken mini-split system requires more power each day that is plugged in. The biggest benefit of ductless cooling systems can reduce electricity costs from 25 – 40 to 40. Keep it from being wasted by ill maintenance. Moreover, the maintenance on your ductless split can prolong your unit’s longevity. This kind of equipment may be more costly in the beginning to purchase and to implement and you should recover this cost through energy saving. You should maximize your investment as soon as possible.

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Cleaning Condenser Coils in Bay Area Heat Pumps Maintenance

Beyond simple filters, cleaning condensing coils can happen by hand or by using ductless systems if desired. First turn on power on your machine so the electric charge won’t happen. Give the machine a couple of hours to cool down. Check out the exterior unit for maximum 4 feet of clearance throughout the room. When it is hot you can wash your filters, coils, air filter, coils and components using soft dry cloths. It’s an excellent time to look at mold and mildew growth on the site, which requires professional cleaning. Check if ice or condensation has built up. Ductless mini split systems can be use heat pump troubleshooting tips to get the air flow correct and heat pump inspected for top tier quality.

Best Time to Schedule your Annual Heat Pump Tune-Up in Bay Area

Maintenance of heat pumps in Oakland typically takes place from Spring into Autumn. It helps keep your heating pump working well throughout the season. Usually a heat pump is checked before it is needed and should never need replacement. Refrigerant leaks do happen occasionally for indoor coil making heat pump maintenance an essential service for homeowners. Simple items like mini split filters, air filter, and checking the indoor unit for any leaks in a ductless mini split system.

You could face higher energy and water bills or lower air quality problems. Tell your HVAC professional what your old Heat Pump needs and the option of replacing it.

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