Retrofit Existing AC System or Complete Overhaul


Questions to Consider for Retrofit AC System or New AC Installation

If you want to replace your existing AC system in Oakland CA with a newer unit, you want to be sure the contractor will be able to perform an efficient job. Service Unlimited is an HVAC Oakland contractor with extensive experience in providing optimum HVAC service for your business. HVAC systems are an important investment for you. Standard air conditioners have lifespans spanning 15 and 25 years and the time to install new systems gives you greater choice. Retrofitting your heating and cooling system is usually advisable, it will help your business provide high quality products at a competitive rate.

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The Benefits of a Central AC Retrofit

No HVAC equipment lasts a lifetime. In some cases your equipment may require replacing. Service Unlimited is a company that provides HVAC systems retrofits and upgrades for many facilities, from churches to manufacturing facilities. Our technicians want our customers to know the benefits of retrofits for your HVAC system for your business. With rising maintenance costs the retrofit mini split solution can increase energy efficiency and replace traditional heating systems. Including Industrial clients along with small business owners that are looking to add retrofit solutions or mini split systems.

An HVAC Retrofit in a Historic Facility Takes More Planning

Retrofitting HVAC systems can sometimes prove challenging but can also bring many additional risks when it comes to completion of work on historic buildings. Some states and cities have protective measures on historic districts so there can be limited choices for building changes, especially on the exterior. Nevertheless, the upgrade of the HVAC system could also be necessary if it is used on another house. In addition, expansion firms might need more offices in buildings resulting in increased demand for climate control.

Finding The Right Heating Solution for Your Facility

We believe in maintaining a clean and functional facility. Retrofitting buildings with an Integrated HVAC system that includes an integrated system of right-size right-placed HVAC units and a process heating system will increase efficiencies. In addition, the industrial retrofits reduce maintenance and operation costs. Having conditioned air with a mini duct system leans towards a complete replacement.

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Why Dedicated HVAC Systems Are Better For Your Facility

Many plants currently installed processes have little to no connection to their original design. The addition of larger sizes to this system for heating and processing requirements adds enormous complexity and just isn’t practical in today’s environment. By replacing your existing furnace and ventilator systems with adapted, centralized systems, you can contact 3rdGen Heating and Cooling today for your local HVAC pro’s opinion about the situation.

Consider a Mini-Split or Ductless System

Unless the existing air conditioning system cannot be supported, it may not work. Alternatively, you could use Mini ducting. This option uses smaller ductwork to allow retrofitting into your existing systems with minimal damage to walls or other material as the names suggest. Miniducts work just like your typical ones you have already constructed except air travels more rapidly due to smaller dimensions. Increased rates lead to less waste and overall efficient systems. Older houses do not contain as much heat insulation and this saving energy is quite practical.

Rapid Return on Investment for New AC Installation Service

HVAC maintenance in the Oakland area can help businesses save time and money by providing efficiencies through less repair costs and improved energy consumption. If you retrofit an HVAC system, you can instantly improve energy efficiency in terms of electricity bills.

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