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Ductless Mini Split System for All Rooms

They can fit in a small room or a wall. Pricing is calculated using average installation costs of 3 tons. The range of costs are applicable for a simple installation process. All prices may be adjusted based upon unique features or location, e.g., zip code. Any modification to a basic installation agreed upon by the Buyer will be billed as negotiating between the Buyer and Trane Comfort Specialist including duct work. This compact wall-mounted mini-split heat pump offers elegant comfort control cooling.

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Are Mini Splits Expensive to Run?

Energy efficiency is important in the case of small splits. A ductless system is less prone to electricity use because it has tight tolerances. The AC does not simply cool you down. A single-zone Mini Split with heating system provides year-round comfort while maintaining a quiet and efficient environment. In winter, heat pumps reverse heat expulsion and extract energy from the atmosphere and force heat inside. Standard heating units, split system heating units.

How many square feet does a mini split cool?

Usually the BTUs of small split AC systems determine the coverage. As a rule, BTU is larger and therefore coverage is increased. You need around 40-60 BTUs per square foot of space. Measure out the space of one room and mini split air required for the square footage even if in a garage. Make the desired temperature possible with ductless mini split with heating and cooling capabilities from the wall mounted heat pump.

Single-Zone Cassette: Making Room AC System Possible

This mini-split unit is flush to the ceiling. Call for pricing and RANGE PRICES. Prices are applicable to basic installations. All prices range from a single price range for a single house to a single house. Any modification to the basic installation agreed with the Buyer is a separate cost as negotiated between the Customer and the independent Trane Comfort Specialist, including wiring and electrical connections. Mini split systems offer wall mounted solutions to an outdoor unit or indoor unit for single or multiple zones based on access.


The large capacity XL-GS wall-mounted indoor system is able to provide airflow to any surface. The interior air-duct, duct and fan are coated with double-bridging sleeved ductwork to provide a high level of insulation to keep the interior clean. The MSZ-GS offers the power-efficient Mode that can quickly cool a place and warm it to desired temperatures. These indoor units are available in single-zone heaters while its predecessor MSY-GS, is an indoor one-zone AC that’s perfect for climates where heating is unnecessary – such as the heat island.


The MSZA EF Designer Indoor unit integrates high-tech and design. This indoor room is beautifully designed for different style preferences.

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The MSY-GL Wall Mounted Indoor Unit offers many sizes ensuring the best performance possible. The MSY-GL is an efficient cooling unit that is only used in the cooling zone.

The MSZ-GL — the equivalent heat pump in the cold climate — can also be used in cold weather.


The MSY-GS large-volume walls-mounted Indoor Unit features large airflow capabilities that allow for airflow throughout the rooms. The unit has air ducting/vanes, coils and fans that are sealed with dual barriers to keep the air out of your system. Besides, it has an efficient cooling system that rapidly cools or heats the room to a desired temperature. Compared with MSZ-GS, the GS is a single zone air conditioner that provides heat pumps that are suitable for temperature requiring heating.

How we’d pick a Mini Split Heat Pump Brand

Our search found four top brands: Mitsubishi Electric, Fujitsu LG, Daikin, Panasonic and other smaller brands including Mirage and Panasonic. You probably have little choice on what equipment you need—this depends mostly on the size, the weather and the heat and cooling needs you have to address. You have to decide the product you choose and you can choose among the qualified installers recommended from these four brands. Choosing a new heating and cooling system for a single room ac installation. Ductless mini splits make heating and cooling more possible for many homeowners looking to install cooling units for climate control from an outdoor unit.

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