Unlocking the Partnership of Harvest Thermal: A Comprehensive Guide


Harvest Thermal provides a revolutionary solution to home heating, cooling and hot water that is cost-efficient, sustainable and has the potential to reduce your carbon footprint. Combining this advanced technology with its smart controller allows for a comprehensive system of all-electric components designed specifically for maximum efficiency. This cutting-edge innovation can truly transform any house while helping preserve our environment at the same time with heat pumps.

Key Takeaways

  • Harvest Thermal System provides efficient, sustainable heating, cooling and hot water solutions.

  • The system utilizes renewable energy sources to reduce utility bills & carbon emissions.

  • It offers improved home comfort & safety with reduced reliance on fossil fuels & cost savings of up to 45%.

Understanding the Harvest Thermal System

A heat pump and a thermal battery providing heating and hot water for a home - harvest thermal pod products.

The Harvest Thermal System is an advanced system that uses effective heat transfer technology to increase the comfort, efficiency and sustainability of heating, cooling and hot water needs in homes. At its core lies a clever controller which manages various components such as the Harvest Pod, SANCO2 Heat Pump, Thermal Storage module and Air Handler. All these parts operate together for producing space heating while using energy efficiently – delivering cost-effective heated air with minimum pollution impact on environment. The application includes not only space warming but also hot water supply for domestic use, something unachievable before this breakthrough innovation arrived at our doorsteps! With all round effectiveness ensured by this smart integration between efficient hardware appliances along with software controlling it. There can be no doubt about how much value added warmth can now be provided throughout any home or workplace premises confidently yet economically .

Smart Controller

The Harvest Thermal System utilizes a smart controller to ensure that the system is running with optimal performance and efficiency. This is done by examining weather conditions, heating as well as hot water usage patterns, user preferences and more. Thus optimizing energy utilization while providing consistent temperatures for your home, resulting in lower utility bills overall. Not only this but it also works seamlessly alongside cooling systems so you can be sure of enjoying year-round comfort within your house.

All-Electric Heat Pump

Harnessing green energy practices, the Harvest Thermal System operates on all-electric heat pump for optimal hot water and general heating needs. By relying on renewable sources of power such as solar or wind-based systems, this system can help to cut down both carbon emissions and costs associated with monthly heating bills.

The core SANCO2 Heat Pump provides an exceptionally powerful yet eco-friendly alternative to traditional gas/oil units that offers a much more efficient use of energy whilst leading to savings in terms of reduced expenses related to your home’s heat requirements.

Thus, by using electricity rather than other fuel types found in older models you not only reduce the impact we have upon our environment but also benefit from greater comfort levels when it comes paying those pesky monthly utility invoices!

Clean Energy Usage

The Harvest Thermal System is committed to using renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power, which reduces the reliance on nonrenewable energies that release more carbon emissions. The system incorporates a smart controller in order to regulate heat pump timing and identify when there is access to the most affordable clean electricity available for use. It also has thermal storage capabilities so that hot water can be provided whenever needed without sacrificing temperature control within homes. This novel combination of green technology combines both efficient heating with environmental protection from detrimental elements like pollutants or gases thus setting an example for eco-friendly home heating solutions worldwide.

Key Components of the Harvest Thermal System

A thermal battery and a heat pump providing heating and hot water for a home

The Harvest Thermal System is a complete, efficient and eco-friendly heating solution made up of four core components. To start with we have the HARVEST POD which gives us reliable heat transfer that works alongside the SANCO2 Heat Pump to deliver warm air through thermal storage systems, ending its journey in an AIR HANDLER unit allowing for improved distribution throughout your home or premises.

Second component from this system is surely the SANCO2 HEAT PUMP – designed specifically to maximise energy efficiency while meeting local government regulations regarding emissions levels. Also it helps improve overall performance making sure you get both cost effective and climate friendly heating whenever needed!

Finally there’s THERMAL STORAGE technology – responsible for storing large quantities of heated fluid within either metal tanks or water reserves so they can be used when necessary. Thus

Harvest Pod

A close-up image of the Harvest Thermal pod, designed for efficient and high-quality crop harvesting.

The Harvest Pod acts as the control center of the entire Harvest Thermal System. It optimizes efficiency, temperature and comfort by calculating when to operate the heat pump with factors such as electricity availability from renewable sources or time-of-use rates. Hot water usage patterns, weather forecasts and user preferences are also taken into account via advanced algorithms for efficient hot water provisioning while offering up to 45% savings in monthly utility bills. This intelligent management system ensures optimal performance through flow regulation methods included in its design thereby providing ideal energy utilization levels that guarantee sufficient supply of hot water needs, whether it be laundry washing or just a shower after a tiring day!

SANCO2 Heat Pump

The SANCO2 Heat Pump is an excellent all-electric heat pump that works by combining air and water for heating and cooling. This device, designed to be used with the Harvest Pod as part of the Harvest Thermal System, provides a more efficient option compared to traditional gas systems. It makes use of a low Global Warming Potential refrigerant, operates quietly at all times while saving on energy consumption costs too – thus forming an essential element in reducing carbon footprints along with associated cost savings through its incorporation into the installation’s overall system architecture.

Thermal Storage

The Harvest Thermal System utilizes a smart thermal storage, also called a thermal battery for storing heat energy and ensuring hot water availability. This method of utilizing thermals instead of electricity allows users to take advantage of low cost off-peak rates as well as renewable sources. Resulting in lowered overall expenditure on energy needs.

To the economics benefits this system offers, it also is instrumental in making homes safer and more comfortable through its ability to maintain temperature constancy with clean power instead relying upon gas combustion which may be risky due mainly posed by potential accidents occurring during combustions process itself.

Air Handler

The Harvest Thermal System’s air handler is essential in providing an efficient and discreet heating solution through already existing ducts. This system contributes to lowered energy costs as well as reduced carbon emissions by circulating filtered indoor air continuously throughout the home, creating a more safe and comfortable environment for occupants. The steady flow of heated air also helps ensure soundless operation while still allowing households to benefit from their monthly heating bills staying low.

The Advantages of Harvest Thermal Home Heating

Harvest thermal energy pod heat pump water heater technology decarbonization

The Harvest Thermal System is an advanced, efficient solution to heating, cooling and hot water needs that helps owners lower their monthly bills. It also reduces carbon emissions for both the home and the planet while improving living comfort in terms of safety as well. With its use of clean energy sources backed by cutting-edge technology, it provides clear advantages: minimizing environmental impact, promoting a better quality experience indoors with peace of mind about security measures, ultimately representing win-win benefits for everyone involved.

Reduced Carbon Emissions

The Harvest Thermal System boasts many advantages, one of the biggest being its remarkable ability to drastically reduce carbon emissions by as much as 90%, when compared with traditional heating solutions. By using green energies such as solar and wind energy this system reduces dependency on non-renewable sources that often create large amounts of CO2 emissions into our atmosphere.

With a reduction in greenhouse gasses like these, we are taking an important step towards not only protecting us from the perils posed by climate change but also creating a better future for all through more sustainable methods. Giving homeowners practical means of reducing their own carbon footprint while enjoying dependable comfort from efficient hot water and reliable home heating services alike.

Lower Monthly Bills

The Harvest Thermal System is an efficient way to lower heating costs every month as it utilizes clean energy sources. It features a smart controller, all-electric elements and thermal storage in order for users to benefit from comfortable and cost effective hot water solutions that save up to one third on their monthly bills. This investment allows homeowners with the opportunity of making use of sustainable methods while also slashing down emissions created by fossil fuels thereby reducing energy costs without compromising comfort levels at home.

Improved Home Comfort and Safety

The Harvest Thermal System offers several advantages including quiet operation, steady temperatures and air handler with MERV 13 filtration. By using clean energy sources it reduces the chance of any accidents associated with gas combustion while also aiding homeowners in lowering their monthly heating bills. The system’s night cooling feature Helps maintain a comfortable temperature overnight for added safety benefit as well as creating an environment that is more beneficial to our carbon footprint. Selecting this option can mean considerable savings on household heating expenses all round which makes it worth considering when seeking efficient home comfort solutions!

Premium Features of Harvest Thermal Products

A heat pump and a thermal battery providing heating and hot water for a home, with integrated air conditioning and MERV 13 filtration system

The Harvest Thermal System is an HVAC solution offering ultimate comfort, efficiency and sustainability. It stands out from the rest with integrated air conditioning, MERV 13 filtration as well as night cooling – all working together to bring homeowners a comprehensive heating/cooling system experience.

Integrated Air Conditioning

The Harvest Thermal System uses a combination of the SANCO2 Heat Pump and its own proprietary technology from their ‘Harvest Pod’ in order to provide an all-inclusive heating/cooling solution that will work year round. This combined system offers not only greater efficiency with regards to installation, maintenance, energy consumption and costs but also gives those looking for an efficient way to heat or cool their home without compromising environmental conditions due really great alternative! With the integrated air conditioning feature on offer by this particular HVAC system you can now enjoy comprehensive climate control comfort any time of year.

MERV 13 Filtration System

The Harvest Thermal System is designed to improve indoor air quality with its MERV 13 filtration system. This highly efficient filter captures and removes a great percentage of airborne particles such as pollen, dust, pet dander, bacteria, viruses, mold spores or smoke for better breathing conditions in your home. Aside from being beneficial to the environment by providing clean air it also enhances the overall performance of this thermal system by maintaining good airflow while reducing energy consumption costs at the same time.

Night Cooling Feature

The Harvest Thermal System’s night cooling technology utilizes outdoor temperatures at nighttime to reduce the reliance on air conditioning and lower energy consumption. This feature automatically adjusts indoor temperature settings, decreasing them during the evening hours then returning back to its previous setting in daytime for added comfort without overworking your AC system.

Using this creative solution can not only save you money but also create a more pleasant atmosphere in hot summer nights thanks to better home climate control. With access to customized heating and cooling benefits from Harvest Thermals’ Night Cooling Feature, homeowners will get increased satisfaction with their living environment all year round!

Harvest Thermal’s Partnerships and Achievements

A heat pump and a thermal battery providing heating and hot water for a home, with partnerships and awards from organizations such as Peninsula Clean Energy and the National Science Foundation

The Harvest Thermal System has received numerous awards and been recognized for its groundbreaking technology due to the company’s dedication to sustainability and innovation. Such accomplishments demonstrate this system’s potential to transform residential heating & cooling practices with minimal environmental impact.

Partner Organizations

Harvest Thermal is dedicated to advancing clean energy and sustainability in the home heating sector, and as a result has teamed up with several organizations such as BlocPower, California Energy Commission, Association for Energy Affordability, Peninsula Clean Energy, National Science Foundation (NSF), Franklin Energy, Small Planet Supply and Muus Climate Partners.

These partners are playing essential roles in fostering broad acceptance of Harvest Thermal System – from assisting financially/researching. Right through to bringing about implementation along with distribution. They strive together towards achieving their shared aim of producing an environmentally friendly future by innovating how we heat our homes.

The alliances established between these entities signify that they have trust within each other that could help them bring forth advancements which would reduce carbon footprints via improving the way people use for cooling or warming residences across America. Check out 3rdGen Heating and Cooling today for certified Harvest Thermal installers.

Awards and Recognitions

Harvest Thermal System has been renowned for its groundbreaking technology. It was honored with the CEE Home Integrated Competition Award and also earned recognition from the NREL Industry Growth Forum’s People’s Choice Award. This emphasizes how impactful their system can be in revolutionizing home heating and cooling solutions.

Harvest Thermal is recognized at various events such as Seattle Angel Conference, VERGE 2022 Accelerate Competition, Entrepreneur Magazine as well WorldFestival which confirm that they are dedicated to pushing boundaries of sustainability plus excellence within this field.

jane melia ceo havest thermal pod product heat pump water heaters


The Harvest Thermal System is an innovative and sustainable way of providing home heating, cooling, as well as hot water needs. Equipped with a smart controller to manage all-electric components and powered by clean energy sources – it offers not only efficient but also cost-effective HVAC solutions for today’s households who prioritize their carbon footprint and lower monthly costs. Its premium features such as air conditioning unit coupled with MERV 13 filtration technology plus the night cooling mode makes this system a comprehensive solution that provides comfortability while ensuring safety in homes everywhere.

Homeowners now have access to reduce both their ecological footprints while saving on regular heating bills through installing the Harvest Thermal System. So why wait? It’s time take steps towards an ecofriendly future where people can enjoy comfortable living conditions without breaking budgets or harming mother nature!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth getting a heat pump water heater?

A family of four could experience yearly savings up to $550 with the installation of a heat pump water heater, making it an attractive option. Not only is this type more energy efficient than traditional electric models, they have longer lifespans as well – these benefits add up for long-term cost savings.

What are the disadvantages of a heat pump hot water system?

For some regions, heat pump water heating may not be the most suitable option due to potentially colder climates impacting their performance along with a higher initial cost and possibly requiring additional backup solutions for times of peak demand.

Can you run out of hot water with a heat pump?

A heat pump water heater is capable of providing consistent hot water, unlike tankless or demand-type models which may run out if not sized properly. This type should be the right size so it won’t deplete its supply.

What is the life expectancy of a heat pump hot water system?

Heat pump water heaters, when properly maintained, can last for up to a decade and a half. Good maintenance is the key factor in maximizing performance levels as well as extending its lifespan beyond that. Even more recently developed models may be able to endure even longer if looked after adequately.

What is thermal energy harvesting?

The harvesting of thermal energy is a way to generate electricity by taking advantage of material property changes in response to temperature variations. Whether this be naturally occurring or captured as waste heat, the goal remains to make use of it efficiently and productively.

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