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Keep Your House Cool – What is the Temperature Outside?

I’ve got a list of ways you can keep your home cooler at the summertime without breaking your budget. Summer has been arguably the most enjoyable season in years! Beaches, coolers for watermelon, sun cream barbecues and swimming pools in the morning is one of many reasons why the summer months remain exciting. Many of the joys in life have unfortunately been overshadowed by extreme temperatures and uncontrollable humidity. If anyone is wondering why it’s important to stay comfortable during the summer, don’t panic! House cooling with a programmable thermostat can help temperature drops to keep your home cool.

3rdgen heating pump keep your home cool - what is the temperature outside

Make Sure Ceiling Fans are spinning the right way

You may be aware that ceiling fans can change direction between summer and winter. When the temperatures are cold it’s best to rotate it clockwise and at low so you’ll get a good heat circulation from it. Ceiling fans should be turned in the summer to create an awesome breeze on warm summer days. Adjusting the direction of the ceiling fans during the summer will not replace needing cooling, but it will help keep your room cooler and allow your units the opportunity to cool off in the heat during the summer. Have you ever moved your ceiling fans? Tied with incandescent lights, heat rises and excess heat can get caught in the room without proper ventilation. Give the air flow an icy cool breeze rotating counter clockwise to stay cool even in unused rooms.

Set the dial higher – Outside Temperature Helps

The heat must be above 72 degrees in your room with central air. The temperature of the room will reduce by five to eight per cent. In typical households the thermostat will reduce its thermostatic temperature to 10-15 percent, while extending its maximum temperature from 90 to 86 percent will increase it. Set the thermostat to 85 or 90 degrees before you go to bed. Re-install the device when you return to the hotel and the room cools out after 15 minutes. The system uses less fuel at cooldown than if it were running at low settings at home or outside. Keep your house cool with cooler air conditioning to move hot air out of the room to avoid rampant energy costs from ineffective air conditioners. Grab a hot water bottle to pull cool air from searing heat baked with recessed lights or direct sunlight.

Hack Your Windows First Against Outside Temperature

Around 76% of all light coming through a window becomes heat. Reflective glass blocks up to 80% solar heat. In addition to heating your home with excess sunlight it damages the health of the furnishings. So this window film is a summer essential and helps keep your skin and your furniture secure. Window films can be simple DIY projects that offer a variety of options depending on your requirements. West facing windows tend to feel cooler in the evening in warmer months as the temperatures soar through cotton sheets and breathable fabrics when the doors closed.

Defeat Attic Heat with insulation and Energy Savings

A hot day in the house can raise temperatures to 145 degrees, and this can cause the cooling costs of homes to increase by a staggering 40 percent. It’s recommended you add insulation to your attic that’s 7 inches or 6 inches in fiber and 8 inches in cellulose. In most attic houses, insulation can range from R22 to R49. For information on what is appropriate for your area visit the Department of Energy website. Before sealing the recessed lighting vent or plumbing, seal with six milliliters of polyethylene vapor barrier. An exhaust fan cross breeze similar to whole house fans tied with a programmable thermostat keep your house cool and blinds closed staying cool regardless of what is the temperature outside.

Get a Smart Cooling Solution

If your air conditioner was a brain, it can help cool you down. While it’s not possible for an HVAC unit, a smart thermostat or AC system will do its job. This device will let you make an automatic cooling schedule for a month and turn off your air conditioning as it enters your house. They help reduce the cost of electricity consumption by 25%. 3rdGen Smart AC is the perfect device for making mini- splits, windows or portable AC smarter. Increases comfort and savings, instead of cold shower in hot weather and overall temperature with open windows and closed doors. Similar to deciduous trees, check out more videos on that one to see cold air in the summer months.

Install a Whole-House Fan

The whole house fan feels like an attic fan. Both can be used to replace each other but are targeted at various parts of the home. The fan is usually mounted in the attic of the home. It works by drawing hot air into the attic and creating pressure that causes an external flow to cool air. This fan will also keep your house cooler as it helps clean up pollutants in your air and improve your home’s atmosphere. Remove harmful pollutants from blackout curtains with the windows open to get a cool breeze and keep your home cool from the heat. The windows on the opposite ends seal gaps and change the incandescent bulbs in fan to save energy. Get cool air to keep home cool from windows and close doors for max cooling with exhaust fans for cool air.

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