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IWave -R provides the newest air cleaner technology in the HVAC market. Its patent is needle point bipolar ionization. IWaveR uses carbon fibre brushes to produce a refined electrical charge. The bipolar emitters produce two atom particles which emit equal amounts of positive ions, which is called. When these ions are exposed in air to any contaminants that are in their environment such as dust, ash, and other substances that they react with. Contacts are likely to be beneficial to bacteria or viruses in reducing their growth rates as ions become absorbed into their tissues.

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Benefits of an iWave Air Purifier

IWave’s air conditioning systems can also operate without the use of the ducts. The air passes through the system and ionized air reduces pathogens, allergens and particles and creates a healthy environment. The iWave Air Purifier offers a highly efficient purification method for air purification. Other commonly used indoor air purifiers need constant cleaning and/ or replacement of bulb and cells and make them less desirable. An air conditioning system might need and indoor air quality mechanism for house air cycled with ongoing maintenance to device reduce pathogens and remove harmful byproducts of heating air. Patented technology for healthy environment in nature creates positive and negative ions with iwave r air purifier can remove for all the house air. Iwave r air purifiers remove the negative ions from the air conditioning system that create equal amounts of viruses reduces allergens from the emitter brushes.

iWave Makes Air Purification Ownership Affordable & Practical

Several typical Air Purification Technology require maintenance and bulbs/cells are replaced at least once a year. It’s incredibly frustrating for owners as the ownership costs become unsustainable. Most iWaves are not needless to maintain and do not include parts or replacements (Thank iWave-R’s patented self-cleaning system), and can offer an easy and maintenance-free performance, appealing to most home owners (2). Licensed hvac can remove ions produced and remove passing pollutants and other particles and certain bacteria with iwave products. Iwave air purifiers reduce carbon dioxide in the air and remove the harmless compounds and provide three year limited warranty from two emitters for the positive and negative ions produced.

iWave Is Popular in Both Residential & Commercial Environments

It has been discussed that air purifiers are installed in air conditioning and heating equipment that produce no harmful chemicals or emissions (like ozone) and most models require no ongoing maintenance. Its efficacy and desirable use makes eWave air purifier ideally suited for commercial spaces. You’ll enjoy clean air in your house or office if you like.

It Has No Harmful or Negative Byproducts

Others air purification devices emit harmful gases such as titanium dioxide and ozone affecting the human body and causing death. IWave ionizers are equipped with bipolar ionication technology that reduces pollution by neutralizing and breaking down toxins and gases. It’s also safe for you to use an iWave without the need for any extra chemicals in the air. This is good for environmental protection as there will be no toxic residues from cleaning efforts.

Ready to Purchase Your iWave Air Purifier?

It is time to invest in your family’s health and invest in iWave air filters in your home (and in your workplace as well). Then there’s no more worry about your breath: bacteria viruses and indoor air pollution. Get in touch to get the most accurate price on air conditioning from Crystal Heating & Cooling. In addition, we offer tips to improve the efficiency of your current air-conditioners and air conditioners.

The iWave Air Purifiers Are All about Quality

You probably think that IWave -R is an excellent product, but that doesn’t make sense at all! If that doesn’t help, then Nu-Calgon offers a 3 year warranty on its iWave-branded products. You’ll feel comfortable knowing you purchased a quality product and that if anything goes wrong, there is a way to protect yourself. Remember that this must happen to be done by a certified HVAC / electrical contractor. Your claim must prove that you purchased an installation that was effective. Do you have any doubts?

It’s a Full-Home (or Office) Purification System

When buying a purifier, you usually buy several to your house. It has one for the kitchen and another for the bedroom and one for the bedrooms for the child. If you cannot get air purification for every room, you will probably get a portable air purifier to use when traveling from room to room. This doesn’t really seem practical. The iWave-R connects to your HVAC system so it will remove pollutants and clean your home quickly and efficiently. Whenever a room is used, iWaves air purification units have corresponding air purification results.

It Works for Both Residential Homes and Office Buildings

IWave technology is designed to provide air quality solutions that fit into residential and commercial spaces. You don’t have to look for the same solution for both home and office. The Air-Conditioning iWave purifier is directly integrated into HVAC units and offers optimum air quality at each location.

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