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ENERGYSTAR® systems have become the new standard and offer a combination of comfort and quiet operation. Its innovative design and compact design makes heat pumps easier and less invasive. Sold separately, remote controller from cooling systems with indoor unit that controls fan speed for easy access and compatible features.

Your HVAC Control and Thermostat Options

Home and business users have the option today to select a variety of thermostats and remote devices to compliment your Mitsubishi electrical air conditioning units and heat pumps. For optimal performance of an HVAC system, you should choose optimum thermostats that are reliable and provide energy-efficient services. Be careful to consider your needs before purchasing any new HVAC or air conditioning equipment. There are several different possibilities for selecting a new thermostat.

Handheld Wireless Remotes

This remote is standard in the wall or ceiling mount Air Handling unit from the Mseries series. The tin is suitable for use in units from the P Series. This handheld remote controls room temperature through a mounted unit. These remotes must be used for high-quality units mounted in the wall. It has no large operating range and means that you cannot control temperature in the vicinity of this unit. Handheld remote devices can be used for the following purposes:

Wired Remotes

The thermostat or wireless remote is widely available for both the P-series or M-series devices. They are glued onto each device, allowing a comfortable temperature management system in every room. Several homeowners opt for thermostatic ductless heating to save energy. The wireless remote is perfect.

remote mitsubishi electric thermostat smart thermostat wired wireless remote control hvac ac system.


KUMOO touchTM wireless controller is based on a klumo touchscreen. It is a huge backlight display that is easily accessible. Think about introducing KumoCloud control for remote monitoring on a smartphone.

How do I reset my Mitsubishi air conditioner thermostat?

Shut off the system. Turn the isolation off. Wait ten seconds, start it again, wait ten seconds then restart. The entire system will be turned off.

Does a Mitsubishi mini-split have a thermostat?

The Mini Split System allows you to control everything using the Kumo cloud app.

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