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3rdGen HVAC Whole House Fan

A new Whole House Fan offers air conditioning with minimal energy use. An energy-efficient system draws air from the outside of your house to exit your attic vents. This keeps your house cooler than air conditioners. This quiet and efficient fan is the best air conditioning solution for a large home. The advanced whole-house fans let the homeowner turn off the most expensive air conditioning unit for fewer dollars an hour. House fan pulls air from the house fans combined using a whole house fan system.

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Attic Fan vs. Whole-House Fan: Major Differences

Compared to the whole house fan and the attic fan perform the same function—ventilating and cooling the building—the main difference is in the area they address. The fan draws air through the house and places it into the attics. Air is drawn into the attic through the ventilation system. The environmental protection agency have ultra energy efficient motor for indoor air quality and living space fresh outdoor air into the home. Mastered low cost cooling, cool indoor spaces from attic ventilation the house exhaust fans pay for itself in the long run!

Is an Attic Fan Worth It?

There is no choice between an in-home and attic fan. Then install an outside air conditioning fan to move the air around the house. Air conditioning in the attic can help in ventilating the room as it helps the attic breathe fresh air. The fan can only release air to the attic of the home. The whole home fan uses passive techniques to remove air from the attic without installing any attic fan.

How whole house fans keep a home cool and save on energy costs

Depending on the severity of the summer months, a fan is able to function as a powerful prechilled for your air conditioning system. A fan providing cooler nights / morning air can reduce the temperature inside a home by 5 degrees or less in less than 30 seconds allowing fewer energy expenses. For homeowners who live with large days or nights, temperatures swings in humid climates. the air conditioner can be switched on at the coldest hours, then turned off the air conditioner, and closed the house when temperatures are higher. Fans aren’t perfect for everyone, protect people indoors that experience supreme cooling like open windows eliminated completely saving tons for acceptable summer comfort.

How Does a Whole House Fan Work?

An attic fan pumps hot air into a confined space through attic vents and draws cool air from outside into windows and doors. It removes built-up heat and creates the perfect breeze. A full-home fan could rotate the air within the room up to six times an hour if the home is large. The opening of the doors is critical when using a fan in a large home. A fan could cause your heating or cooling system to emit carbon monoxide in your homes exhaust fumes and smoke causing damage. Remove other unwanted airborne annoyances per square foot from ceiling fans or warm air conditioner that the house fan brings energy bills and money saved.

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Using Whole House Fans in high pollen areas

Consumers are concerned that air pollution enters the home when the windows are closed. A Whole House Fan will move a lot of air into your home and this volume of a fan will remove contaminants from your air. Most markets have no such situation. There are no high dust levels in most areas so there are few concerns about that. However, homeowners who have dusty areas could purchase inexpensive and easy-to-clean dust screens. This method will prevent 99.9% dust and pollen from contaminating the air at our house.

Why Every Home Needs an Advanced Whole House Fan Regardless if You Have Solar

Advanced home fans are an ideal pair for creating net zero homes. A fully integrated air conditioning system can compensate for your most expensive appliances like the HVAC unit while solar energy can provide energy for all parts of the house ensuring you have a net zero home. Please see our quick video describing the need for an advanced fan in all homes. Whisper quiet for certain climate zones can active ventilation reliable production for inside temperature to expels hot per cubic feet and pet dander removal.

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