Bosch Heat Pump


Introducing the Bosch Heat Pump HVAC Unit

Air/air heating system by Bosch. The Bosch air-to-air heating pump offers low power consumption and efficient air-to-air cooling solutions. During colder months a heat transfer device uses air-to-air heat pumps to extract heat from outdoor air and return heat inside. During the cooler weather the processes reverse: the system takes heat from the air inside the residence and expels it outdoors to cool it. Bosch inverters are known for their simple and efficient operation and compact size which is ideal for residential cooling needs. Looking maximum efficiency with air source heat pumps being at the forefront compared to ground source heat pump and gas furnaces. Save money on operating costs from Bosch Heat Pump for your home air conditioning system.

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Bosch Heat Pumps, where Sustainability Meets Innovation

Bosch heat pump designs are known to be very robust and quiet in operation with ease of installation and repair. The patented design allows a high efficiency. As a part of Bosch’s commitment towards sustainable energy use, Bosch Heat Pumps feature a high season performance factor (SPF). It guarantees high-efficiency heating as it compares to traditional heating and makes it an ecological option for the home. Bosch heat pumps are available in several models and sizes, from water heat pumps to ground heat pumps and air-to-air heating systems. Using refrigerant levels keep the outdoor sound levels low and sound levels in general minimum while cooling with energy star strength. Keeping heat and cooling done by controls that benefits the components involved.

Bosch Heat Pump Prices, and Installation Costs

On average, a new heating pump costs about $7600-$12,000 for smaller available heat pumps. Depending in part upon the model size or the home size it may also differ a few times. Use of Heat Pumps can help save your money as they are more efficient than any equipment. The heat pump uses less heat than other systems because it simply moves warm air rather than producing heat. A heat pump does not require additional heating or cooling. One incredible thing that will remain in your hands all year long. Technicians can install ductwork keeping sound levels low and maintenance in one area from the condenser to the services rendered.

Bosch Thermotechnology Heat Pumps 2023

Energy Efficiency as a climate-efficient heater there are no ductworks, and it reduces messy remodels. Integrated electrical, refrigeration, condensate and refrigerated drainage lines connect outdoor or indoor systems by 3-inch holes in exterior walls. The system has a low odor that can easily be installed. Improved air quality. Filtering in multi-part systems eliminates harmful scents and prevents viruses, bacteria and allergens in the circulatory circulating air, improving indoor air quality. It also traps dust and other particles and is easy to clean.

Bosch Heat Pump – The Complete & Highly Efficient Dual Fuel Heating and Cooling System for Your Home

Bosch provides high-end products with excellent comfort and reliability. We provide efficient inverters that provide precise indoor heat control to help keep homes comfortable. This highly efficient, robust and quiet heat pump is available in four sizes ranging from two to five tons capacity. It uses Inverter Drive which optimizes the compressor speed for maximum performance.

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