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Repair Pressure Switch Furnace Troubleshooting

The thermostat in Berkeley, California, can turn off heat as easily as you adjust the thermostat. With a simple temperature adjustment, the heat source is alive, and your room has a pleasant atmosphere. But this is in fact quite a complex process behind the scenes even when you have the easiest things. This is particularly true when a gas-fired boiler burns fuel, ensuring the safety and health of the building’s residents. Your furnace pressure switch is important during this process. If the system stops functioning, then the warm air stops working as well. Check the pressure switch diaphragm on the two pressure switches on the gas furnace, some units have three pressure switches.

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What Does a Furnace Pressure Switch Do?

The Pressure switch on the furnaces is a safety system which prevents the exposure to CO and helps protect against furnace fires and explosions. They operate automatically by reducing combustion if negative motor force was detected. Sometimes that would mean furnaces would be stopped altogether. Some pressure switches stop airflow by removing it when it heats or cools down. In many cases the failure of a pressure switch can cause incorrect detection of air pressure due in part to structural problems. During rupture of the diaphragm flap, air flow becomes hampered and pressure reading suffers. Looking at the draft inducer motor and the safety feature for single stage condensing furnace and other furnace malfunctions. Draft inducer motor can have an open switch, clogged hose port, and might need a new pressure switch installed that normally open switch.

How the Draft Inducer and Pressure Switch Work

A draft inducer is a blower which creates airflow through a furnace’s heat exchanger(s) to allow combustion fumes to exit the home through the venting. During combustion, blowers create a less-than-atmospheric (negative) pressure on the inlet sides of combustion blower and the internal of the burning chamber of the furnace. When a furnace works correctly, it detects an appropriate negative pressure and keeps it open (Off).

Furnace Pressure Switches and Back Drafting

Negative motor pressures are an important indicator of back drafting. When your boiler burns fuel and produces heat, this occurs in incomplete ways. This creates carbon monoxide, which can be removed from your home. Generally speaking, these particles are released from the furnace into the air outside, and into your system when all is working properly. If the positive motor pressure is applied the gas is released into this system.

What Problems Can Occur with a Furnace Pressure Switch?

The diaphragm is used for the controls of the ignition system but it’s unfortunate that it can fail. Pressure switches may stay locked at the opening position or sometimes close position. It may become worse with the age of a furnace, and wear buildup will increase at the switches. If a pressure switch has been locked open, it won’t activate a fire alarm when it’s not plugged into a power socket. Your furnace should run properly even when it is shut down, but your home will never be protected against the dangers of a furnace sputtering.

Troubleshooting and Resolving Pressure Switch Issues

The first step in solving pressure switch issues is a sweeping elimination of all potential causes of exhaust leaks. After all the shutdown operation, a pressure switch is aimed at protecting yourself and others within your house. It’s important for us to find any obstruction in the pipe and it is also important that you have the house free from any air pressure issues if the air is not flowing. Once back draft problems have been ruled out, we can inspect pressure switches and their hoses. The hose must never be covered by water or blocked by any obstruction. We’re then going to ensure the outlet for the pressure switches of the storage chambers is clean.

Negative Air Pressure and Your Pressure Switch

When pressure switches fail due to low motor pressure they can cause serious damage. If the pressure switch cannot be replaced or removed, it may need to be assessed to completely update its interior envelope. Your home envelope defines the total air tightness in the building. Every time a house adds insulation to a house and seals up air leaks, a tightening is made to the envelope. Using ductless air conditioners and furnaces reduces heating and cooling energy needed for your desired temperature indoors. It is regarded as an advantage to get tight envelopes for your house.

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