Refrigerant Gauges in HVAC


AC Refrigeration Gauges/Manifold Gauges

Manifold Gauge Set Grainger Industrial Supply. Manifold Gauge Set. Manifolds and gauge kits are used to diagnose and repair refrigerators and cooling units. These devices measures both low- and high-refrigerant pressures either using digital or mechanical gauges to troubleshoot leaking and to assist the evacuating and recharge of equipment. Smart digital manifold for refrigeration systems give more accurate measurements than analog units that technicians can use to dial in on temperatures.

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Mechanical Manifold Gauge Sets HVAC Gauges

Mechanical manifold gauges measure temperature of refrigeration and air conditioning systems. Also called the aforementioned manifold gauges it combines a front pressure gauge and low side pressure gauge and has hooks for hanging.

Manifold Gauge & Service Tool Kits Gauges HVAC

Kit contains all the components needed to service, inspect and install Mini Split ductless cooling systems and controls. The kits, also known as mini-splitting tool kits, are packed in a compact carrying pouch with gauge and connector tools.

Digital Manifold Gauges & Test Kits

Digital manifold gauges feature clear and easy-to-read displays that provide fast and accurate measurement while diagnosing and testing the cooling system or refrigerator.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of refrigerant gauges?

The manifold is available in 2-valve e.g., 4 valve. This gauge is digital in nature.

Can you use R134A gauges on R22?

The complete set of air-conditioning gauges can be used in the AC R134A, R12, R22 and the R5012 standard refrigerated air-conditioning system. Adding adapters is helpful for smooth integration between the workstations of various refrigerated equipment in your system.

How do you read refrigerant gauges?

The HVAC manifold set features two color-coded units. The blues have low pressures whereas the reds have very high pressures. The red and blue valves at the sides are turned on and off to control air flow between the low-pressure and high-pressure valves. Essentially, manifolds are the hub where all connection radiate.

What are the different types of gauges in HVAC?

The 3 most commonly used gauge types include vacuum gauges. Using the pressure gauge, the sensitivity is determined on both sides. It therefore makes sense to know the typical pressure of your measurement device.

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