Merv 13 Air filters


What Is Merv 13 Air Filters?

Built using an advanced synthetic air material, using a combination of charge fibers and traditional mechanical filtration techniques. Charged fibers help the Green Pleat reach the level of MERV13 upon installation and instantly catch and remove the airborne contaminants. The resultant dust cake improves the mechanical principles of the filter, enabling optimum levels of filtering throughout the whole lifecycle. Higher merv rating can improve the indoor air quality, remove dust mites, and more particles with pleated filter and filter sizes.

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Merv 13 Air Filters Uses

Merv 13 air filters catches and blocks 98 % of air particles. Recommended for residential and commercial use Smoking lounges. Make your air fresher with a MERVA 14 Air Filter! The pleated filters are designed to remove small amounts of air and other pollutants like bacteria and viruses from the interior of the home. The filter is 30 times more efficient than a typical plastic filter. Also, mold, fungi, and mildewed spores are not harmful in your residence or business. The filter system traps 998% of airborne particles that are as low as 0.3 microns. Remove pet dander and get minimum efficiency reporting value from the hvac equipment to remove mold spores from the merv rating can simply replace from the furnace filter. Protect the airflow in a commercial hvac system or a customer home effectively.

Need help choosing the right MERV rating?

It is used to measure air filtration’s ability to clean up air particles in air by using MERV technology. The MERV rating is 1-20. The more the number, the more pollutants the filter block contains. Selecting the right rating is important, as it will ensure both quality and efficiency. A. You get a proper amount of air that can easily remove bacteria. The HVAC is functioning as intended. Learn the following information and choose your favorite MERV rating for your home! Local HVAC Supplier is the ideal choice if filtration filters can capture 99 – 99 percent of the incoming air. It is an exciting time. An air conditioning will provide merv rating and minimum efficiency reporting value from the merv ratings. Grab the airborne contaminants and particles in commercial setting for a customer home.

Why Choose a MERV 13 Air Filter?

Call 3rdGen for purchasing my HVAC filter. MERV 13 filters remove 99 % pollutants. This filter captures a wide array of pollutants and dander. The MERV13 filtration system offers optimal filtration. Our medical grade filters perform well in the spaces where it needs them. MERV13 filtration enhances HVAC systems performance. High-quality, thick pliers eliminate virtually all harmful particles and minimize backpressure.

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