Indoor Wall Mount Heat Pump – Model MSZ-HM 18,000 BTU

Engineered in Japan.

Cutting Edge Heat Pump; Heating and Cooling Technology.

Indoor Wall Mount Smart Zone Heat Pump


  • For over half a century, Mitsubishi has stood as an unwavering beacon of innovation in the mini-split industry. Their relentless commitment to delivering efficient and user-friendly comfort solutions has consistently surpassed customer expectations. The MSZ-HM, a testament to Mitsubishi’s dedication, is fortified with a remarkable 5-year parts and 7-year compressor warranty—a clear testament to their unwavering product confidence.
  • Key Features:
  • 1. Kumo Cloud Compatibility:
  • Seamlessly control every zone within your home with the Kumo Cloud App, putting power and convenience at your fingertips. This intuitive application grants effortless access and control via your smartphone or any internet browser.
  • 2. Econo Cool Mode:
  • The MSZ-HM excels in optimizing cooling operations while preserving your comfort. Through gradual adjustments to the cooling set point and the elegant swaying of horizontal vanes, it enhances efficiency without compromising the desired climate.
  • 3. Dehumidification Mastery:
  • In dry mode, the MSZ-HM executes a precision operation. The coil’s temperature is meticulously maintained just below the dew point of the returning air, expertly extracting unwanted moisture. This dual function elevates comfort levels and effectively mitigates the risk of mold growth and property damage within the conditioned space.
  • 4. Multiple Vane Control Options:
  • The unit introduces a versatile array of vane control options, offering an adaptable experience. Auto mode intelligently selects the optimal vane position based on the operating mode. Swing modes elegantly cycle through all positions, ensuring comprehensive air coverage. Furthermore, wide mode activation augments fan speed beyond the current setting, delivering a swift and effective circulation of conditioned air.
  • 5. Precision Temperature Control Technology:
  • At the heart of the MSZ-HM lies a state-of-the-art outdoor condenser, furnished with cutting-edge technology. Equipped with inverter technology and an electronic linear expansion valve, this component elevates temperature accuracy and system efficiency. Through meticulous adjustments of both compressor speed and refrigerant flow, it achieves a harmonious balance that defines precision.
  • Incorporating the MSZ-HM into your home is an investment in superior comfort, unwavering reliability, and heightened energy efficiency. Mitsubishi continues to lead the charge in delivering products that elevate your living spaces to unparalleled levels of comfort and convenience.

12 Year Parts and Compressor Warranty*

*If Installed with Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor

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