4-Way Ceiling Mount Cassette – Model PLFY-P-NFMU 18,000 BTU

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4-Way Ceiling Cassette Model PLFY-P-NFMU

ceiling cassette model plfy-p-nfmu mitsubishi electric products


  • When it comes to optimizing comfort, Mitsubishi’s four-way ceiling cassette unit stands out as a versatile, high-performance solution. Compact and designed for seamless integration into ceiling spaces, it delivers both aesthetics and functionality. Let’s explore its exceptional features and benefits: PLFY-NFMU 18,000 btu/h
  • Compact and Recessed Design
  • The PLFY-NFMU 18,000 btu/h boasts a unit height of only 10-3/16″ or 11-3/4″, depending on the model, while the PLFY-NFMU 18,000 btu/h offers a height of 8-3/16″. With dimensions of 22-7/16″ x 22-7/16″, this unit can fit into even the tightest ceiling installations, providing a discreet and attractive flush-mounted grille.
  • Customizable Airflow Patterns
  • Versatility is at the core of this unit. You can tailor the airflow pattern to suit a variety of room layouts and air-conditioning requirements. Choose from up to 72 airflow patterns, including two-way, three-way, or four-way airflow, ensuring the perfect solution for your needs.
  • Whisper-Quiet Operation
  • Enjoy the benefits of powerful climate control without the noise. PLFY-NFMU 18,000 btu/h operates as quietly as 27 dB(A), while the PLFY-NFMU 18,000 btu/h maintains quiet operation with only 29 dB(A), ensuring a peaceful and comfortable environment.
  • Built-In Condensate Management
  • The PLFY-NFMU 18,000 btu/h offers flexible drain piping, allowing it to be positioned up to 33-7/16″ from the ceiling’s surface, offering long piping options and installation versatility. For the PLFY-NFMU 18,000 btu/h model, it features a built-in pump that can lift condensate 20″ from the ceiling’s surface. Additionally, the unit is designed with safeguards against leaks, including pump failure detection.
  • Efficient Maintenance and Installation
  • Mitsubishi simplifies installation and maintenance with the corner-pocket design of the PLFY-NFMU 18,000 btu/h. Accessible pockets on each of the four corners of the grille facilitate installation, maintenance work, and height adjustments, ensuring a hassle-free experience.
  • Long-Life Filter for Easy Maintenance
  • The washable filter embedded in the unit is designed for long-lasting use. It can operate efficiently for approximately 2,500 hours in a standard office environment before requiring cleaning. This feature minimizes maintenance efforts and contributes to the unit’s long service life.
  • Incorporating this four-way ceiling cassette unit into your space ensures both high performance and versatile airflow management. Enjoy the benefits of a discreet and efficient climate control system that blends seamlessly with your surroundings. Mitsubishi’s commitment to innovation and quality shines through this exceptional solution.

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