Indoor Wall Mount Heat Pump – Model PUY (Cooling Only) 30,000 BTU

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Indoor Wall Mount Smart Zone Mini Split

mitsubishi electric hvac mini split heat unit indoor wall mount


  • Mitsubishi’s PUY-30,000 Btu/h Cooling Only Mini Split Outdoor Unit. This remarkable unit boasts an array of features designed to elevate your cooling experience. Let’s dive into what makes this outdoor unit stand out:
  • Variable Speed INVERTER-Driven Compressor: Mitsubishi’s outdoor unit is equipped with a variable speed INVERTER-driven compressor, ensuring precise and efficient cooling performance.
  • Pre-Charged for Extended Piping Length: This unit comes pre-charged with refrigerant, accommodating piping lengths of up to 70 feet. It offers flexibility in installation, allowing you to place the indoor unit where it’s most convenient.
  • Low Ambient Cooling: Mitsubishi’s outdoor unit can handle low ambient temperatures down to -40°F, providing 100% cooling capacity when equipped with wind baffles. It ensures consistent cooling even in extreme conditions.
  • 24-Hour Continuous Cooling Operation: With the capability for 24-hour continuous cooling operation, this unit keeps your space comfortable around the clock, no matter the external conditions.
  • High Pressure Protection: To safeguard the unit, it features high-pressure protection, offering peace of mind and reliable performance.
  • Fast Restart: In the event of an interruption, the fast restart function ensures that your cooling system quickly resumes operation, minimizing discomfort.
  • Seacoast Protection: Designed to withstand challenging environments, this unit features seacoast protection. It’s well-suited for areas exposed to harsh coastal conditions.
  • Durability Enhancements:
  • External Outer Panel: The unit’s external outer panel is fortified with a phosphate coating and an acrylic-enamel coating, enhancing its resistance to wear and tear.
  • Fan Motor Support: The fan motor support is treated with epoxy resin coating at the edge face, adding durability and longevity to the unit.
  • Separator Assembly Valve Bed: Featuring epoxy resin coating at the edge face, the separator assembly valve bed ensures the unit’s reliability over time.
  • Blue Fin Treatment: The condenser coil is equipped with a Blue Fin treatment, an effective anti-corrosion treatment that protects against airborne contaminants. This feature significantly extends the unit’s lifespan.
  • Condenser Coil and Base Panel: Rated for 2,000 hours in accordance with ASTM B117 testing, the condenser coil and base panel are built to endure and maintain peak performance.
  • The PUY-30,000 Btu/h Cooling Only Mini Split Outdoor Unit from Mitsubishi is a testament to cutting-edge technology and robust construction. Experience efficient and reliable cooling like never before with this exceptional outdoor unit.

12 Year Parts and Compressor Warranty*

*If Installed with Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor

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