P-Series Hyper Heat Horizontal Ducted Mini Split – Model (PUZ-HA) 30,000 BTU

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P-Series Hyper Heat (PUZ-HA) Horizontal Ducted Mini Split

horizontal ducted


  • When it comes to advanced heating and cooling solutions, Mitsubishi consistently leads the industry with innovations that prioritize precision, efficiency, and comfort. The PUZ-HA 30,000 btu/h outdoor condenser, equipped with cutting-edge technology, exemplifies this commitment. Let’s delve into the key features that set this system apart.
  • Precision Temperature Control Technology: At the heart of the PUZ-HA 30,000 btu/h outdoor condenser lies a remarkable precision temperature control technology. This includes inverter technology and an electronic linear expansion valve. By continuously adjusting the compressor speed and refrigerant flow, this technology ensures that the system’s output is perfectly matched to the specific zone it serves. This not only guarantees precise temperature control but also enhances overall energy efficiency.
  • Hot-Start Technology: Cold drafts can be uncomfortable and often undesirable. Mitsubishi’s hot start technology tackles this issue effectively. It ensures that fan operation is delayed until the heat exchanger has warmed up, eliminating cold drafts and enhancing your comfort.
  • Dehumidification: Managing indoor humidity is crucial for comfort and property protection. When the indoor unit operates in dry mode, its coil is maintained at a temperature just below the dew point of the return air. This intelligent dehumidification process removes excess moisture from the air. Not only does it improve overall comfort, but it also significantly reduces the risk of mold growth and potential property damage within the conditioned space.
  • Condensate Removal System: Proper condensate management is essential to prevent potential water damage. The PUZ-HA 30,000 btu/h is equipped with an internal drain mechanism capable of effectively lifting and removing condensate. This mechanism can handle condensate up to 27-9/16 inches, simplifying the installation process and providing peace of mind by preventing condensate overflow that could otherwise damage or destroy your property.
  • In conclusion, Mitsubishi’s PUZ-HA 30,000 btu/h outdoor condenser is a testament to their dedication to precision temperature control, innovative technologies, and ensuring your comfort while optimizing energy efficiency. Whether it’s avoiding cold drafts with hot-start technology, maintaining ideal indoor humidity, or efficient condensate management, this system excels in every aspect. Mitsubishi continues to set the industry standard by delivering solutions that prioritize your well-being and the protection of your property.

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