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With fully electric Mini-Splits and Heat Pumps we don’t need to depend on natural gas anymore.

What is the future of heating and cooling?

Why choose a heat pump over a traditional system?

A mini-split heat pump or conventional heat pump is an energy-efficient system for both cooling and heating, typically situated outside your home and linked to an indoor unit or air handler. We’ve written a blog article explaining mini-splits and heat pumps: Here is also an informative video by Mitsubishi Heating & Cooling, the pioneers of mini-split heat pumps describing how they work.

We’ve partnered with the best

We’re proud to be a Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor

Mitsubishi pioneered mini-split heat pump technology to become current industry leaders

Logo for mitsubishi electric hvac. They specialize in mini-split heat pumps.

Extended warranty

By using a Diamond Contractor Mitsubishi will add an additional 2 years to their already substantial warranty.We have been factory trained and keep constant communication with Mitsubishi representatives to provide the best comfort solution to your needs

Factory Trained Technicians

So you know you have the best of the best to install the top of the line equipment. We have gone through substantial training with Mitsubishi and receive priority support for any issues.

We offer financing with Synchrony Bank

Synchrony Bank is a leader in retail lending and offers the most competitive rates no matter what your credit is

Promotional Financing Options

Synchrony Bank offers deferred interest, also known as “No Interest If Paid in Full”. Many different promotions and payment periods are available, contact us for more information.

Quick and Easy Approval Process

With Synchrony Bank, the approval process takes a couple of minutes through the mobile app or online portal, so you get a response right away.

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Leading the way

Let’s build a more efficient world together with fully electric heating and cooling solutions

California’s aim is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to combat climate change. Gas powered appliances create combustion which produces air pollutants that harm air quality and human health and contribute to emissions that are also harmful to the Ozone layer.

Highly Energy-Efficient

Heat Pumps require less energy input than gas furnaces to provide heating and cooling


Heat Pumps can provide both heating and cooling, eliminating the need for separate system.

Long-Term Cost Savings

Despite higher upfront costs, heat pumps offer long-term energy savings , offsetting the initial investment.

Environmental Friendliness

Heat Pumps do not burn fuel on-site and thus produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions


Since Heat Pumps do not burn fuel, carbon monoxide and explosion concerns are non-existent.

Government Tax Credits & Rebates

These are federal incentives as well as state, county, and city programs, that reward home owners who purchase and install energy efficient technologies, such as heat pumps.

Our services

Specialized services we offer

The Future of Heating & Cooling in america is all electric

We’re at the forefront of HVAC Technology in the San Francisco Bay Area and are keeping an active open dialogue with our suppliers and equipment manufacturers to meet our clients needs in the most efficient way possibly while helping california reach their energy goals; No matter what the case is, we have a solution to meet comfort needs.

Top of the Line Equipment

All of our equipment is. backed by a lengthy and solid manufacturer parts warranty as well as our 3 year installation warranty.

Award-winning projects

We place great emphasis on our customer service and you can expect the best from our representatives.

Vetted and Factory Trained Techs

Our techs are highly qualified HVAC technicians who have undergone thorough vetting and received training directly from the equipment manufacturers.

Top Notch Customer Service

We deliver top-notch service and support to customers through various channels, addressing inquiries, resolving issues, and ensuring satisfaction.

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