Replacement Options for Old Baseboard Heating Systems


Best Alternatives to Baseboard Heating and Electric Baseboard Heaters

The following guide to the alternative baseboard heaters lists several types of heater replacements, options and whether electrical baseboard heating can be improved or not. Many houses, especially relatively older ones, will likely feature baseboard heaters. These heating systems run around walls and provide heating during the warmer days and seasons. Although this heat pump style unit is very efficient, it has an important downside. This is mainly because homeowners who have baseboard heating systems always look for new alternatives to their appliances and central HVAC systems. Electric baseboard heater and old baseboard heating system are not a viable option against traditional heating systems, hydronic baseboard heaters, or a radiant heating system. Forced air systems and electric heating alternatives to baseboard heaters that provide efficient heating, underfloor heating, and most energy efficient heating method available.

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Introducing – Outdated Electric Baseboard Heaters

Baseboard heating devices circulate heated water by coil and generate heat. The heat then flows throughout the house when air is warm inside the baseboards. The energy costs are very high, so you should take into consideration the need for an HVAC upgrade. Replacement electrical baseboard heaters might require replacement if they lack heat to heat up your house. If you’ve been heating up baseboard heating units you probably have two main reasons, home air comfort and effectiveness. Traditional electric baseboard heaters are not energy efficient to today’s standards and electric baseboards do not provide heat distribution evenly over any given square foot setting. Baseboard heater alternatives provide warm air with a new heating system with forced air system and can reduce electrical heating bill for homeowners.

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Which are the Best Alternatives to Baseboard Heating?

Is there any possible alternative for the heat exchangers? Wall furnace is among the best alternative to baseboard heating. This is a smaller heating system installed on a wall. A wall furnace uses electricity as its main fuel source. The wall furnace is pretty reliable and works quicker. You should consult an HVAC technician if you are considering wall furnaces. Professional installation is essential for ensuring comfort in a home that requires heating equipment. Proper installation also guarantees energy efficiency, as these units consume a great deal of energy without being installed properly.

Alternatively electric baseboard heating would require a ductless heater. Ductless heat pumps provide a better solution than conventional heat pumps. This energy saving system improves air quality. This is flexible as it requires minimal contractors to do installation and more importantly it will help you save a great deal on both frontend and back end.

Ductless Heat Pumps for Replacement Baseboard Heaters

Ductless heating pumps, also termed mini splitters, are an extremely widespread modern home heating option. They are popular because they do not require networked pipe networks. It also makes these heating units less expensive and easier to install than baseplate heating and normal heat pumps. This heat treatment offers many additional benefits and is worth considering. The heat pump is ductless, thus no leaks. It is also more affordable in terms of maintenance. There are many ductless heat pump choices: Whichever you choose, you’ll have maximum home comfort.

Ducted Heat Pumps (Regular Air Conditioning)

Heat pumps can be installed on the premises without any need for maintenance. Several reports from the US government suggest that HVAC is the most popular option among the US population. Heat pumps operate using electricity. They remove heat from places with lower temperatures, then send this warmth through places with higher temperatures. A heating pump can help replace a baseboard heating system. It uses similar technology to your refrigerator and is therefore very effective. The heat pump is a versatile machine. This can be used for cooling the house too. Despite their low cost heat exchangers, they offer excellent heating services for the whole of the year by contracting 3rdGen Heating and Cooling for a consultation.

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What are the Disadvantages of Baseboard Heaters?

Although baseboard heat has its benefits, the drawbacks should be noted. Among these problems are: If your home has baseboards, you may get dry warmth during the winter. It can result in drier air which is susceptible to many health problems such as dry skin. Many house owners consider a humidifier for this purpose. With time, floor heating becomes louder and heavier. Some old machines which have had to be replaced can be loud or disruptive. Imagine heating with warm touches. The same goes for the installation of baseboard heating.

Can you upgrade baseboard heaters?

When you find that your floorboard heating system is not effective for a good heating environment, call your HVAC technician to see how you can improve the heating system on your house. You can enjoy a much better home with a heat exchanger that doesn’t waste any energy!

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