Attic Insulation Can Keep Your Home Cool for Better Energy Efficiency


Tips for Contra Costa County Residents for a Cool Summer and Warmer Winter

How do you install insulated attic? The answer is contingent on what you have defined. The easiest way of insulation in an attic does not always correspond to the cheapest. Tell me the common type of insulation that can be found in attic: fiberglass bats. More choices are possible, but these four materials form a major portion of installations. Typically “R values” are a measure of material strength against heat. The measurement measures in per-inch units. More numbers are better. Is there anything I can do to increase my R values? Loose fill insulation, spray foam insulation, and existing insulation can dictate the utility bills.

Air leakage in your attic means the heating system must work more hard, producing less electricity, and causing discomfort in the home in the summers and winters. If the insulation is above floor joists you may need additional insulation for your basement. Insulation work with energy star rated units can see how much insulation r value will bring and avoid falling victim to climbing energy costs.

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Fiberglass Batt Attic Insulation Pros and Cons

Fiberglass batts are a good way to Insulate your Attic. Generally, however, batts are the least efficient insulation materials for any work. But buying bundles in stores is simple and people often use this tool. The picture below depicts the horrific installation discovered inside a two-year-old house. It is situated in a fashionable neighborhood that passes city inspections. No one is going to talk about the “R” value, since fiberglass batts do not fit within a closet.

Pros and Cons of Cellulose Attic Insulation

Cellulose paper recycled using organic material and added Boric acid to protect against insects and fires provides more insulation options in attic spaces than battens. Those who prefer to buy insulation for their own houses should get it in plastic bags. If you buy enough it could give you the ability to install insulation blowers for free. Avoid putting in bags with a sleeve to protect the surface from damage. Cellular insulation produces tons of dust, but the product does the job.

Fiberglass Batts/Rolls

Insulation of attic walls with fiberglass panels or rolls can be cost effective compared to using loose-filled cellulose. Currently the preferred method to protect attics has been used by most DIYers. This is done through strips of fiberglass glued to the attic or the floor. Fiberglass batts extending over joists can be double-insulated using a two-layer perpendicular batt. R-19 batt can double up to achieve R-38 insulation effectiveness. Use unfinished batts on top of the sand.

If you insulate a basement, the insulation may be fiberglass batts or rolls. While many diyers choose a fiberglass batt/roll, it is helpful to know both of these options in detail.

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Reasons For Insulating HVAC Ductwork

Before selecting any insulation type, the reason for using this type of duct insulation is clear. Air entering into the home’s ducts can cause trouble. It is particularly important in upper attic areas, where there is usually no heat or cooling at all. If your HVAC system is uninsulated, dirt dust may enter your attic. It also helps to improve air circulation, reduce the cost of electricity and reduce electricity usage by using insulation.

Blown-In Insulation

An insulation blower mounted in a stairwell forces insulation into the attic by the use of water hoses. The insulation allows the pipe to be directed at various parts of the roof as well as in a hose.

Protect or Replace Heat-Producing Items

Recessed lamps extending through a ceiling must either meet IC standards or have an enclosure around it. Insulation should keep a distance of three inches from light. In most cases, it is best for a homeowner to replace light fixtures with safety lamps.

Lay Out Batts/Rolls

When insulating the walls, ensure that the paper faces down when it’s being used to warm up the home. When cooling a home the paper side should turn upwards. Use polyethylene thermal insulators for warmer areas and the insulation should be unglazed. Put the batt or the plastic insulation on the joist. The material has to be tight and tightly pressed but does not compress.

What is insulation energy efficiency?

Insulating materials are assessed by determining their thermal resistance or R-values — the higher the R-value, the better the insulating effectiveness. The R-values depends upon insulation type thickness and density.

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Does insulation increase energy efficiency?

Many homes can benefit. Sealing and preventing air leaks in your residence can increase your energy savings as well as your safety. By doing this you will maximize comfort and you will save 10% on your energy bill annually!

Does insulating HVAC ducts help?

Ducting leaky hot air into an unheated space can increase your heat or cold bills by hundreds or thousands annually. Insulation is often incredibly economical for non-conditioned rooms and is generally cost-effective.

What insulation is used for HVAC?

Typically HVAC insulated materials include fiberglass or cellulose. All types have distinct advantages and disadvantages, including their ability to protect against fire and thermal insulation.

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