Myths about Ductless and Electric Heat Pumps in SF Bay Area


Popular Misconceptions about Ductless HVAC Equipment in the Bay Area

Home owners are now installing ductless mini splits, which reduce their heat and energy bills. As ductless systems get more attention, assumptions about their appearance and functionality are made more likely to be true. This myth and misperception may prevent people from making an informed decision on the best energy system. Tell me the biggest myths about ventless heating units, heating power, and climate control.

Heat pumps don’t work in Bay Area Cold Weather

The heat pump offers optimum energy efficiency for any climate. These are particularly good in regions with mild weather year-round, such as in Portland. In Winter, temperatures drop below zero, heat pumps are more effective at removing heat from the air and entering home. In addition dual fuel heat pumps combine efficiency of heating heat and energy from an electric furnace to heat at lower temperatures. Ductless mini split systems are relatively new heat pump technology than can replace traditional HVAC systems and air conditioners.

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Truth: Despite its misleading names heat pumps can be heated AND cooled. A thermal system can transfer heat from a room’s interior to a room’s outside to a cooler room or absorb heat from outside and release heat from there (heating). The components within this system that control the flow of the refrigeration liquid are called the reversing valve.

Truth: There is presently hybrid technology available, the double-fuel boiler, which can integrate into a gas heat pump. Unlike standard heating pumps these technologies have heating and cooling modes. In warmer months, the cooling device works like a cooling system. In winter, the heating pump operates in heating mode. The heat pump will automatically switch off if winter temperatures are dropping, thereby heating the building efficiently.

Ductless Heat Pumps Are Only Suitable For New Construction and Not Existing Bay Area Properties

Unless ductless cooling systems are incorporated into new-build homes, they can still control the heat flow in the home. A Mini Split heating pump is often integrated into another heating / cooling system like a subfloor heating or ventilation system in the house to maximize the maximum available room. But it’s a great alternative for older houses, especially if you want more energy efficient air conditioning and heating. Heat pump installation has been required by local utility to provide heat and save money for homeowners against rising gas prices and overall energy costs.

Mini-Split Heat Pumps Collect And Distribute Bacteria

The majority of mini split heating pumps have filters and filtration functions that prevent bacteria and germs from being settled. The air can be purified by various steps. Large plastic filters that cover heating exchangers, and electric filter collection systems are washable using soapy water. An inner fan ensures complete dries and eliminates the possibility of bacterial growth in the system and prevents the re-installation. The mini splitters in Ductless have better air quality and are less invasive in removing dust.

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Heat pumps are noisy

The heating pump emits a loud noise when air is pumped into its coils. This sounds the same as the refrigerator turning on. Most of the time no one notices. A number of other brand names also offer quiet heating systems. Our customers love Carrier’s HVAC products. If your heating system produces high volume noise then it should be taken seriously.

Ductless heat pumps take too long to heat or Cool

The heating system is on full blast and then shuts off at 0 o’clock. Ductless heat pumps can be heated or cool by running at constant medium-low speeds and give a longer constant temperature without the heat or cold soaring in a cycle. Keeping the home at the proper temperature may help to keep the house warm by using simple methods. In contrast with ductless heat exchanger systems thermostats usually don’t require a reset.

Heat pumps are more expensive than other HVAC options

Initial installation costs for heat pumps are sometimes high – particularly in comparison with other heating solutions. Remember the heat pump can heat and cool the room simultaneously. In the long run they are efficient but when one is not planning on staying in a place long enough you will find no benefit.

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Heat pumps do not require maintenance

Truth: Heat pump is a machine. The electrical and motor components require regular maintenance. An annual or semiannual inspection is important for long-term stability in your business operations. The filter should be changed regularly so that it can work properly. The energy savings from well-maintained and poor maintained systems range from 10 to 25 %. Generally, the system is required to undergo periodic servicing every six months. Generally the filters should also change periodically depending on the surrounding conditions and filter size.

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